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Omicron COVID-19 Update India: 7-Year-old Boy Tests Positive for Omicron in West Bengal

-By ArdorComm News Network

West Bengal: On Wednesday, West Bengal reported it’s first case of the new COVID-19 variant – Omicron.  A seven-year-old boy, resident of Murshidabad district, tested positive for the new coronavirus variant, news agency PTI reported citing a senior official of the health department. The boy, the official said, recently returned to Bengal from Abu Dhabi via Hyderabad.

Also, in Telangana, two foreign nationals who arrived from abroad tested positive for the new COVID-19 variant – Omicron. However, according to reports, both are asymptomatic.

Globally, Australia reopened borders to vaccinated skilled migrants and foreign students nearly after a two-year ban on their entry. This move was taken in a bid to boost an economy hit by the Covid-19 induced lockdowns, thereby restarting international travel. The move comes despite the warning issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that COVID-19 vaccines appear to have become slightly less effective in preventing severe disease and death but do provide “significant protection”.

Source: The article has been published by the Indian Express with a few edits from the ArdorComm News Network team.

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