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PM Modi to Inaugurate Futuristic IIT Jodhpur Campus: A Hub for Innovation and Education

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is set to inaugurate the sprawling Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur campus today. This futuristic institution, located on an expansive 852-acre site, boasts 10 departments, three schools, five centres, and six interdisciplinary programs.

IIT Jodhpur plays a crucial role in providing high-quality and inclusive education to over 4,500 students. Moreover, it serves as a hub for cutting-edge research and deep-tech innovation initiatives, with a focus on bolstering the country’s economy. Established in 2008 along with seven other IITs, this institute is situated on the Jodhpur-Nagaur Highway.

IIT Jodhpur is recognized for its meticulous campus planning and commitment to sustainability, setting it apart as one of India’s best-planned technical institutions. Its mission is to cultivate intellectual excellence, instil human values, and nurture future leaders dedicated to building a self-reliant India.

The academic programs at IIT Jodhpur are in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020, offering a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in emerging fields such as Clean Energy, Artificial Intelligence, and Bio-engineering.

Notably, IIT Jodhpur and AIIMS Jodhpur collaborate to offer unique innovation-driven joint degree programs in the field of medical technologies.

Furthermore, the institution runs a mandatory social connect program that enables students and faculty to collaborate on scientific projects that benefit rural and surrounding areas. Students also have the opportunity to engage in advanced research in interdisciplinary areas like digital humanities, computational social science, quantum information and computation, space science and technology, as well as robotics and mobility, among others.

IIT Jodhpur fosters a dynamic innovation ecosystem and actively participates in major projects supported by various government agencies, including DST, ISRO, DRDO, DAE, MeitY, DBT, BIRAC, Ministry of Ayush, and the Office of Principal Scientific Advisor.

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