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Prof. Rajive Kumar, Member Secretary, AICTE, MoE, Govt. of India, Highlights some New Initiatives taken by AICTE

“We’ve also signed MOUs with industries to train faculty members in advanced technologies,” says Prof. Rajive Kumar, Member Secretary, AICTE, MoE, Govt. of India in an interview with Chandan Anand, CEO & Group Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSANewDelhi #ELSAGurugram

As you know, the event name is “New Normal: Education Leadership Summit and Awards.” What does the word “New Normal” stand for you?

The term “New Normal” emerged after the pandemic. Many new methodologies and ways of teaching emerged after the pandemic. One of them was remote teaching, allowing education to be delivered from remote locations. This became the new normal. Even during challenging times, institutions in remote areas adapted by offering online teaching. This shift has now become routine. So, to me, the new normal in education is the ability for students to learn from home and acquire skills through online methods.

What are the new initiatives of AICTE which you would like to highlight?

We have taken large number of initiatives. To support the government’s semiconductor initiative, we’ve approved colleges for VLSI, logistics, and advanced telecommunication technologies. We’ve also signed MOUs with industries to train faculty members in advanced technologies. Additionally, we’re working on allowing working professionals to enhance their qualifications through higher education. We’re also launching a scheme where working professionals can study in flexible timings in face-to-face mode. This is in line with the two education modes in the country, regular face-to-face and online.

We are aware that with the launch of the NEP, now we are in a position to celebrate the third year of existence of NEP, are there any special announcements you’d like to make?

We’re going to use this time to introspect on what we’ve achieved and plan to fill any gaps. It’s an opportunity for policy makers to come together and discuss implementation challenges and solutions. Whenever you are implementing something new, some problems come in implementation. So, basically, we’ll sit during these two-day program, deliberate and find out the solutions. These discussions will help us refine and improve our education system.

You witnessed this event where we have the policy makers the academicians even the corporate and the entire education community how does such forums helps overall industry to grow and understand about each other?

Yes, that is very important and as in today’s program we saw a large number of Industry people and academicians and people those who are running the academic institutions they are there and such type of programs definitely help to understand the issues challenges and the best practices of others. They can learn from others also and they can share their best practices with others also so this is a very important forum. I hope you will organize many more programs not only in Delhi but also in remote parts of the country as well.

Any special message for ArdorComm Media Group on its 2nd anniversary?

It was really a pleasure to attend and see large galaxy of the academicians in this conclave and I hope because this is the second anniversary you are celebrating in time to come it will grow like a banyan tree and a large number of academic fraternities will take benefit from this organization.

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