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Reliance Industries Undergoes Employee Reshaping in FY23, Embraces IoT and AI Focus

Reliance Industries (RIL) witnessed a substantial transformation in its employee landscape during the fiscal year 2023. The company observed a significant voluntary departure of employees, encompassing both its telecom subsidiary, Jio, and its retail segment, Reliance Retail. According to the annual report, the departures included 41,818 individuals from Jio and a larger group of 1,19,229 from Reliance Retail.

During the same period, Jio, which falls under the RIL umbrella, embarked on a noteworthy hiring spree. Around 70,418 fresh talents joined the Jio team in FY23, contributing to a cumulative workforce of 95,326 by the fiscal year’s closure. Intriguingly, Jio has strategically shifted its focus toward roles revolving around the realms of the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). Consequently, the conventional demand for sales executives has waned within the organization. This recalibration in focus has brought about a reshaping of the job landscape, particularly in the lower to middle management tiers. The ripple effect of this reconfiguration was discernible in the reported departures within both the retail and Jio sectors.

This strategic transformation corresponds with Jio’s intensified exploration of IoT and AI domains, necessitating a realignment of its workforce. Remarkably, despite the outflow of personnel, RIL actually expanded its overall employee strength. The company embraced a substantial influx of new recruits, numbering 262,558, in FY23. This surge marked a significant rise compared to the 232,822 fresh recruits brought on board in the preceding fiscal year, FY22. The expansion spanned various sectors and functions within RIL’s multifaceted business operations.

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