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Punjab will regularise 25,000 contract workers

-By ArdorComm News Network

In Punjab, around 25,000 contract workers might expect getting regularised. Out of them, the Education Department employs a sizable 8,000 contract workers, while the Health Department employs roughly 6,000.

A proposal that will regularise the services of ad hoc, contractual, daily wage, and temporary teachers with 10 years of experience has received approval from the Punjab Cabinet. Teachers make up the majority of individuals undergoing regularisation, with support workers making up the remainder. Personnel from Punjab’s departments of power and transportation are among the other beneficiaries.

The regularisation will put additional financial strain on the state government, with costs expected to reach more than Rs 400 crore. The regularised employees will get basic pay for their first three years of employment in accordance with an old one-time policy. Each department will implement a unique regularisation policy for its contract employees and establish a distinct cadre just for them.

A three-member cabinet subcommittee headed by the finance minister of Punjab deliberated and created the policy. The state cabinet, presided over by the chief minister, gave its approval to their report. The committee has recommended that the government implement a plan to regularise employees. The contract workers in Group C and D for the Punjab government will become permanent, according to an announcement made by Bhagwant Mann, the chief minister of Punjab, in March of this year.

In the Group C and D categories, about 35,000 temporary positions had been turned permanent. The Punjab Cabinet had suggested offering 10,000 public posts in the police department and 15,000 in other government departments in early March. More youth from the State should be able to obtain government positions through a fair and transparent process based on merit, it was anticipated that regularisation would enable.

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