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Indian pharma market grew by 12.1% in August: AWACS report

-By ArdorComm News Network

According to market research firm AWACS, the Indian pharmaceutical market (IPM) increased in value by 12.1% and volume by 4.8% in the month of August as a result of strong growth across all therapy areas. In August, IPM had sales of Rs 16,239 crore.

The pharmaceutical industry has increased prices for medicines subject to price regulation and infectious diseases associated with the monsoon due to the wholesale price index (WPI) inflation linked price hike permitted by the government.

The categories with the fastest growth rates were cardiac (13% growth), anti-infectives (13% growth), and gastrointestinal (12% growth). Vitamin sales and anti-diabetes sales both increased by 9%. The top three selling brands in India continue to be Abbott’s Mixtard, GSK’s Augmentin, and USV’s Glycomet.

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