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TCS employees back to office after months of WFH

The employees of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) have returned to office, starting November 15. With the pandemic which is seemingly to be in its way out, the company has asked its employees working from their hometowns to return to their work locations.
The Indian multinational eventually hopes to implement the 25/25 model, wherein only 25 per cent of its workforce will work from physical offices at any given point in time. Employees will, it is hoped, spend only 25 per cent of their time in office.
The Indian software giant has a 5,28,748 strong workforce, of which only 5 per cent are currently working from offices.
Though this model is expected to come into effect by the year 2025, until then most employees from its half a million strong workforce, will be working from their base offices, at least initially.
The clients of TCS have no objection to this model and the Company has been further encouraged by the support received from them. In fact, the Company is bagging more work and projects than ever before.
The 25/25 model will be implemented gradually, in phases, in consultation with the various team leaders and on the basis of the projects.
In October, other companies such as Wipro, HCL Tech and Infosys had also started planning ‘return-to-office’ for their staff.
TCS had also revealed its intention to recall its staff the moment 70 per cent of its workforce got fully vaccinated and at least 95 per cent got the first jab.

Source: Mint

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