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UP’s directorate of higher education will launch an e-Content studio

-By ArdorComm News Network

The state government has allocated 10 crore for the hiring of 1200 lecturers in aided colleges and the creation of smart classrooms in 87 government colleges in order to close the digital divide and promote e-learning techniques in government colleges, according to a state government press release.

The directorate of higher education will spend Rs. 1 crore on the development of an e-Content digital studio in addition to smart classrooms. After that, it will be used to record and update information that will eventually be used to run virtual classes.

About 2,273 government inter colleges have biometric attendance devices installed by the state government. According to the press release, the government has also finished appointing roughly 1200 teachers at the same time. The press release further states that this was a component of the 100-day work plan since the Yogi Adityanath government 2.0 was established in March.

Additionally, 36 government degree colleges have had their laboratories upgraded for a cost of 10.51 crore, and 111 government institutions will receive technical books for a further 2.03 crore. The expansion of sports facilities in 172 government institutions has received approval from the government.

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