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WHO: Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic, Virus From 2009 Is Still Rapidly Circulating

Doctor Mike Ryan, Executive director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme has stated that the COVID -19 pandemic will not end completely and there will still be chances of it spreading rapidly all over the world. Further, he has also added that the virus of the 2009 pandemic i.e. swine flu is on the rise once again, and is spreading rapidly.
In his statement, he has also said that, as the vaccination rate increases all over the world, more people will achieve herd immunity which will result in a decrease in death and hospitalization rates. But, the COVID – 19 virus will still remain a matter of concern in the public health domain.
His statement was as follows, “The lower levels of transmission and the more equitable distribution of vaccines will mean that herd immunity is achieved, and gradually we can look at lower levels of hospitalization. But as of now, it continues to be a public health emergency of international concern,”
The 2009 virus breakout was labelled as the swine flu pandemic, which was reportedly the first global flu pandemic in 40 years. It began in January 2009 and lasted till August 2010. On an estimated value, almost 2, 84,500 people were victims of the swine flu pandemic. According to a study by an international group of scientists published in 2012, the estimate was 15 times the number confirmed by laboratory tests at the time.

Source: India Today

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