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Why are More and More People Shifting Towards a Plant-based Diet?

-By AC Media Bureau

Over the years, people have started to realize the importance of a plant-based diet. Veganism is not just a fad amongst youngsters; it is a growing culture and practice that the world needs. We are not trying to impose veganism but, let’s try to understand why a plant-based diet is important in one’s lifestyle. 

Based on statistics it has been found that the sales of plant-based foods have been growing for years. But, from 2018 20, the sales of plant-based foods grew three times faster. This is evidence enough to understand that more people are opting to include vegetables in their diet.  “For heart health protection, your diet needs to focus on the quality of plant foods, and it’s possible to benefit by reducing your consumption of animal foods without eliminating them from your diet,” says Dr Ambika Satija of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The Need for Plant-based Diets A healthy plant-based diet should include a mix of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy protein, and healthy oils. As per various nutritionists and healthcare professionals, proper proportions of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and protein must be consumed daily to stay fit and healthy. The benefits of consuming a plant based diet are:
 According to scientific research and studies, it has been found that people who follow a
healthy plant-based diet have the lowest risk for heart disease. 
 They are more active and leaner
On the other hand, those who follow the unhealthful plant-based diet have a substantially higher risk
for heart disease.
Hence, reducing animal foods leads to a healthier diet and greater heart protection. Also, for ages, doctors and parents have been emphasizing eating a heavy breakfast. Many people just have juice or coffee and tend to skip on the meal part. Breakfast is supposed to be the first meal of the day. Eating a plant-based healthy breakfast reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.  According to an article published by Harvard health, more than 4,000 adults who were free from cardiovascular disease or chronic kidney disease were classed into three groups: those who consumed less than 5% of their total energy intake in the morning (they either skipped breakfast or had only coffee or juice); those who consumed more than 20% (high-energy-breakfast consumers who ate complete meals with more whole grains and fruit); and those who consumed between 5% and 20% (low-energy-breakfast consumers who had meals like toast or pastries and coffee).

What is a Healthy Diet?

 Avoid Sugary Drinks – Try drinking at least eight glasses of water in a day. You can also drink
tea and coffee (with little or no sugar).
 Whole Grains – Under whole grains, you can consume whole-wheat bread, whole-grain pasta,
and brown rice. 
 Fruits – Eating fruits of all colours is essential.

 Vegetables – Eating veggies of all kinds is the best for a healthy body. 
 Healthy Oils – Limiting butter and avoiding trans fat will lead to a healthy body. Using olive and
canola oil for cooking will be a good practice. 

To conclude the topic, we would like to say that adopting a plant-based diet will make your body, mind and soul healthier. Cutting off on red meat will reduce the risk of heart diseases. Even though embracing an overall plant-based diet might be difficult initially, it will help you walk down the path of hearty, joyous and healthy life.

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